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Student-Led Confidential Mediation 

Sort it Out is now reopen, we look forward to hear from you. 

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Sort It Out is a restorative service that supports students to repair relationships!


We are a fully trained student run mediation service in partnership with the Portsmouth Mediation service.

We can help facilitate a safe environment for yourself and others to resolve your dispute. The service is impartial, confidential and independent from the University thus will not negatively impact your degree.

We can help you resolve conflicts with:

  • Housemates

  • Other students in classes/societies

  • Situations where you feel you cannot communicate your problems to others

  • Situations where you do not want to take out a formal complaint

  • Harassment and/or bullying


If you are facing conflict and would like a mediator to help you must first complete our ‘Sort it out support request form’.  

Your case will be assigned to a student mediator who will then organise a 1:1 consultation with you.

They will then inform you of the mediation process and what problems you are facing including arranging a group meeting.

This process is voluntary, and the outcome is decided solely by yourself and others involved.


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Initial Meeting 

After completing our referral form, our co-mediators will be in touch to arrange a one to one meeting to discuss the issues you are facing. We can then arrange the plan going forward to help resolve your dispute.

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Joint Meeting

After both parties have met with our co-mediators a joint meeting may be appropriate. This is a meeting with both parties involved and two of our co-mediators to facilitate the conversation. This is where both parties will be able to discuss the issue at hand and how to solve it.

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Dispute Management

After the joint meeting, further meetings can be put in place if there is more to resolve with the parties. If the mediation was a success, a written plan can be put in place to ensure both parties are amicable moving forward!


'I was able to get a lot off my chest when in my first meeting. The mediators on my case were very helpful.'

'They were great people to have a chat with'

'Allowed me to complete my groupwork as a group without further issues'

'It was a place I could just have a conversation with someone who was listening'




We are still continuing to run our services to help students in need, whether it is a conflict at home with your family, or a conflict at university. We are happy to have a chat.


All our meetings are held virtually to protect yourselves and our mediators. If you have any access requirements, please let us know and we will endeavour to accommodate your needs.

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For any enquiries, questions or commendations, please email:

If you believe you have a dispute you would like us to help with then fill out our form below by clicking on the button.

All data is kept secure and deleted after six years, in line with AQS standards

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